Modern Jazz Timeline
Compiled by Dan Miller

Notes on the Format: This timeline chronicles the activities of Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Fats Navarro and Miles Davis during the mid to late Forties. It focuses on their recordings, tours, concerts and professional affiliations. I chose to start the timeline in 1944 with the February 16th and 22nd Coleman Hawkins "Disorder At The Border" sessions. These are often recognized as the first bebop recordings.

February 16, 1944 Dizzy Gillespie
February 22, 1944 Dizzy Gillespie
April 13, 1944 Dizzy Gillespie
May 19, 1944 Dizzy Gillespie
May 24, 1944 Dizzy Gillespie
December 5, 1944 Dizzy Gillespie
Late December 1944 Dizzy Gillespie and Fats Navarro
December 31, 1944 Dizzy Gillespie

January 1945 Fats Navarro
February 1945 Fats Navarro
February 1945 Fats Navarro

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